Welcome to Prayer and Care Tracker.

Prayer and Care Tracker is an application to help with the prayer and care ministries of your church. It does that by providing a central location for the current status and notes on your members (Recipients) as written by the assigned Care Giver at the time or shortly thereafter of visiting with the Recipient. It also provides a means to track whether or not the Recipient has a prayer need and whether or not they wish to be in the Church bulletin.

We all get busy and the real value of Prayer and Care Tracker is in making sure that Recipients receive that visit or phone call in a timely manner. Prayer and Care Tracker does that by using a status associated with a color and the expected next visit notification to show when a Recipient should be contacted. Prayer and Care tracker optionally will send a notification text or email to the last Caregiver when they are within a couple of days of needing a visit.

Prayer and Care Tracker makes it easy to look up the last visit with a Recipient prior to a visit and the care giver can take notes at their laptop or desktop, from a tablet or smart-phone and in most cases may dictate the note on their iOS or Android Smart-phone or Tablet.

If the Care ministry meets to discuss the care ministry Prayer and Care Tracker can help by quickly showing the current status of a Recipient and the care notes that have been taken. A true time saver.