Adding and Removing Users and Caregivers

Caregivers are the users that can log in to Prayer Care Tracker and create a new Care Recipient and a Care Note. The system administrator creates Caregivers by clicking on the Administrator menu and clicking List Users

The current list of Caregivers (Users) will be displayed. To remove a Caregiver click the "Delete" button at the far right of the Caregiver name.

You'll be asked to confirm this delete, as it cannot be undone.

Any Care Recipients and Care Notes created by the Caregiver will not be deleted from the system to allow continuation of care to the recipients by existing Caregivers and for historical record keeping.

To add a new Caregiver (User) click the "Add User" at the top of the User Listing and complete the registration information requested on the form.

Enter first and last name, email address, initial password and confirmation of the password for the new User. Select the roles the user will be allowed to use.

  • Admin - Has full control over the system. There should be no more than two administrators, a primary and a secondary for when the primary is gone.
  • Caregiver - most users will be in this role. Caregivers can create recipients and enter care notes, and produce reports.
  • Reports - Allows the user to create a report of recipients without providing specific details about the recipients. Within some church different groups may have prayer circles, etc. and need a listing of those needing prayers.
  • Staff - Users in this role are allowed to view information about recipients and their care notes, but not make changes or add additional recipients or notes.
Click Register to add the user.