Getting Started

Getting Started With Prayer & Care Tracker

Log in to the system as the administrator. The email and password were provided to you in your welcome email. Once logged in you need to setup Facilities, Prayer Needs and Status Codes that apply for your church, followed by registering caregivers. Let's start with Status Codes.

Existing status codes may be viewed by clicking on the menu item Status Codes. Status Codes are used to indicate the status of a recipient receiving care from a caregiver and are pre-populated with the most commonly used statuses. As the admin, you may add additional statuses or delete existing ones. Each status code is associated with a notification indicator that is represented by the number of days and a notification style that is a standard color. When a recipient has not been visited after the notification days have elapsed, the name of the recipient in the recipient list, will be changed to the notification style color so they may be easily identified as having an outstanding need. The notification is measured from the last care note visitation date, e.g., Bill Smith was contacted on June 1, 2016 and it is now June 9th, so Bill Smith will be display in red on the Recipient Listing. Next we'll work on Prayer Needs.

A recipient may request to be in a prayer circle, listed in the church bulletin, or other prayer ministries within your church. The prayer need allows for the identification of the type of need the recipient has. The Prayer Need list allows you to add and delete prayer needs. Click on the Prayer Need menu to work with prayer needs that are used by your church. Next, Facilities.

Facilities allow you to indicate where the recipient is residing. The Facilities list should include all those facilitates where recipients are visited by caregivers. Facilities may be added or deleted from the list. One of the advantages of having facilities is that you can sort by status, then within that status sort by facility so that a caregiver can visit all recipients in a facility in one visit.

Once all the above is completed, it is time to register the caregivers. This is accomplished by clicking on the Administration menu and then clicking List Users. On the User page, click Add User and enter the details about the caregiver. Only check the caregiver role for normal caregivers. Click Add to add the caregiver to the system. Caregivers are not notified when set up, so you'll need to let each know their log in details, including password when ready. If you have groups that have prayer circles, you may wish to register the leader of the group and give them the Reports Only role. This will only allow for the use of the Reports menu to produce a printed report of those requesting prayer, protecting personal privacy.